5 Simple Steps I Used to Get Out of My Own Way

(and show up for my life & my business after years of being stuck in my self-sabotaging cycle)

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  • The real reason you are stuck, exactly how you are fueling your sabotaging cycle…and why that self-help book isn’t working for you.
  • The key areas you are ignoring when it comes to creating change in your life and business and a no-fail way to get into alignment and create a life that fully supports who you are becoming
  • 3 main questions you need to ask yourself if you want to get to the next level of success and what you need to do to create a different outcome and get everything you want in your life and your business (even if you feel like you are so far removed from your dream)

These are the exact shifts I made in my life that created momentum in my business and I’m sharing them all with you in this training.

Presented by Crystal Layland 

 Crystal Layland understands the desire to want more and at the same time, be the very thing that prevents it from becoming a reality. For years she was stuck standing in her own way (in every way possible), it cost her financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically – She knew she needed to step up and do what it takes for her family, but how? Through a series of intentional change and self-discovery, she finally pivoted from the limiting beliefs and sabotaging behavioral and thought patterns.

She is the Host of Her Fearless Hustle the Podcast and Inventor of a transformational program for entrepreneurial women who want to stop standing in their own way and create their impact in the world. Crystal is helping women show up in a way unlike anything before.